Survival Kit

One of the first things we’ll be discussing is the ‘Survival Kit’.  This is a small container with the essential survival items that you will need in a survival situation.  Many different types of containers have been used for these in a variety of sizes. from something slightly larger than a thimble to something about the size of an egg crate.  Size is important and the kit should easily fit in a pocket.  The ‘Survival Kit’ should not be confused with the ‘Bug Out Bag’, ‘Survival Pouch’ or ‘Go Bag’.  All of these are larger (backpack sized) containing more items like clothing, food, radio, etc.  The contents of the ‘Survival Kit’ will be personalized for you and there is no “one list” of contents.  There are certain items that are absolute musts, such as fire starting equipment but other things you may decide are not needed for your needs.  You can buy pre-made kits that tend to be expensive considering the items inside and the quality of those items.  It’s relatively easy to put a kit together yourself.  Altoid tins work great as a container.  I’ve seen water bottle survival kits in outdoor stores but these don’t often contain all the items you will need.  See pages 28-31 of the SAS Survival Handbook for the author’s recommendations for the kit contents.  Watch this video for a basic understanding of some of the items to consider placing in your kit.


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  1. Looking to see if anyone has a copy of the Popular Mechanics article: Anatomy of a Survival Kit from October 1, 2009? If you do would you forward it to me?

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