Your Choice

Hey Everyone, CompleteFaith here. Some of you may know me a little better as Jeremy in real life.

I wanted to start off my first post here with one of the unanserable question, when it comes to survival.

You have a choice of one firearm, any thing you want… Which one do you pick, and why?

Please use the comments section below to add your opinion.


4 responses to “Your Choice

  1. Shotgun. Can kill deer, birds, intruders. Any questions?

    • I lean twords the .22 for a few reasons.

      They are perfect for small game, and I believe small game would far outlast large game.

      In a worst case scenario, and only a worst case scenario, I would use a .22 for larger game such as deer. This would require archery type hunting to get the deer close enough for a good shot but it’s an option.

      For defense it’s not much of a gun in a single shot situation, but with a gun like the 10/22 they are fast, and have little recoil. with a 30 round clip you can put a lot of lead in a small area very quickly.

      Now, birds on the wing are something I would not attempt with a .22

  2. There’s few things that strike fear in the heart of man like a pump shotgun one of the other few things is looking down the awesomely large bore of a 45 automatic. I suppose either one would make a person with ill intent reevaluate their though to do you harm or simply wrong. Of those two…it’s much easier to tote a 45 with ample ammunition than it is a shotgun with equal ammunition. I’ll admit it’s overkill to shoot small game with a 45 but if you or your family is hungery are you seriously going to be concerned with overkill? A 45 will also take down most any large game. But then if you’re good enough to get a round off into the eye…so will a 22. However, I think most people , generally speaking, probably aren’t that good. I have a personal thing about shooting fowl on the wing and would rather eat grubs or nightcrawlers and can fix them in such a way that if you didn’t know they were grubs and worms you wouldn’t object to the taste or texture. So….botom line…I’ll take my 45. Even if I don’t hit my target there’s a good chance I’ll either scare them to death with the noise or knock them unconscience with the percussion of the projectile whizzing by. :+)

  3. I submit to our honorable friend, Michael, and his judgement of weapon choice. I also pose this question and I shall answer; Why is it that every one carries around 45s? Because they don’t make 46 calibers!

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